In today's automotive industry,forget about
'business as usual"

Today,it's all about change.
Embrace change-and prosper.
How do we prosper, How do we change?

Hire the best-and teach them to be even better.
Treat every customer like they are the last one ever.
Help them more than they ever expected-and gain more than we ever imagined!

About Jim


We disturb the status quo and awaken your employees.
Do you want to just sell and service your customers,
or do you what to change your world?

About Jim Russell

Jim Russell's vast knowledge of the automobile industry grew from 30+ years of hands-on leadership experience, starting from the trenches in sales and encompassing many years as general manager of profitable dealerships. As a genuine leader, his strengths include staffing, educating, and motivating employees to maintain a positive, profitable, team-friendly environment, with a high level of customer satisfaction.

As a skilled communicator, experienced capital manager, and champion of compelling customer service, he thrives on the challenges facing businesses today. Jim specializes in assessing operational and personnel strengths and weaknesses, and leveraging assets for peak performance. With contagious enthusiasm and a welcoming attitude, Jim builds relationships and delivers results.

Jim offers a plan and a winning strategy to help your business knock it out of the park for the next five years. He'll help you build a winning team culture, implement a "wow factor" in customer satisfaction, and help your business achieve the top level of productivity and profit.

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