In today's automotive industry,forget about
'business as usual"

Today,it's all about change.
Embrace change-and prosper.
How do we prosper, How do we change?

Hire the best-and teach them to be even better.
Treat every customer like they are the last one ever.
Help them more than they ever expected-and gain more than we ever imagined!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact the Jim Russell Group to get started on your new profitability track. For team building, sales coaching, productivity, growth, and a powerful customer experience.
Over 30 years of automotive leadership experience!
Complimentary consultation

For a complimentary consultation on how to help you achieve breakthrough results, powerful team-building, and a winning customer experience. Lets discuss your issues or concerns and build an action plan for your success!
                                                                Ultimate flexibility

We're confident that you'll find our consulting services worth the investment. If you do not see significant benefits, we can stop the consulting process at any time.
• Our risk-free services require no written contract or specific time commitment.
• Unlimited email coaching is provided between sessions to help your team stay on track.
Let's discuss your challenges and goals, and we'll be glad to answer any questions

contact us at

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