In today's automotive industry,forget about
'business as usual"

Today,it's all about change.
Embrace change-and prosper.
How do we prosper, How do we change?

Hire the best-and teach them to be even better.
Treat every customer like they are the last one ever.
Help them more than they ever expected-and gain more than we ever imagined!

What We Do & Who We Are

We equip businesses with the top tools in the toolbox for long-term, profitable results.

Dollar SignWe transform sales leaders and sales managers from a group of individuals into a finely-tuned team of motivated professionals. We equip dealerships with the tools they need to build outstanding customer satisfaction.

If you're answering "yes" to these questions, we can help.

• Are you frustrated with your sales results?
• Do you struggle to find the right sales process to attract new clients?
• Is your sales team not performing at a level necessary to grow your company?
• Are you working too hard for the results you are seeing?
• Do you want to maximize the production of your sales force?
• Do you want to be the number one business in your district?
• Would you like to exceed all sales goals and expectations?
• Is your sales team overloaded with stress or struggling with time management?
• Are you ready for an outside company to help motivate, and hold your sales team accountable?

How we deliver the "wow factor."

  We start from the top, building managers into leaders and building salespeople into professionals.

We educate your teams on how to best take care of customers in today's market. We find and educate salespeople, demonstrating how customer satisfaction becomes their best tool in the toolbox.

Today's top businesses develop successful teams who are working together effectively, while creating outstanding customer satisfaction.

Teambuilding and wowing customers will successfully take your business through the next five years.
Today's customers are more educated and knowledgeable about their purchase. We'll equip your team to put that knowledge to work for you, not against you. We'll show you how to assess their needs and become their ally in providing them with all the information they need to make a more intelligent buying decision. We'll show you how your sales team can build trust, and you'll be amazed when sales and customer satisfaction goes through the roof.

 With our leadership and internet skills, we'll show you how to maximize growth in today's market. We'll coach your people and show them how to give the attention and satisfaction customers need. Your team will project a wow factor that will send more people into your business.

Are you ready to launch your team on the road to success? Contact the Jim Russell Group today for a complimentary, risk-free consultation.

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